By combining our years of accumulated expertise and know-how with all the latest manufacturing innovations, we at Colinwell have been producing the finest quality concrete products for over 130 years. We utilise generations of accumulated knowledge, along with all of the latest innovations in concrete block manufacturing, to deliver high-quality concrete products for the construction industry.

Industry leaders in masonry products and block retaining walls

We supply industry-leading masonry products and block retaining walls across the U.K. We also regularly hold CPD Seminars, in order to share in best practices and spread awareness about the innovative changes to the modern concrete construction industry. You can stay up to date with the latest news and offers about upcoming events and the Colinwell masonry product range by following our socials on; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Colinwell Product Range

Our masonry products are built to be robust and long-lasting. They are a high-quality construction material that can withstand exposure to the harsh elements of the weather. At Colinwell, we ensure that the exterior of your property is both durable and visually appealing. Check out our masonry product range below:

Colinwell Allan Block Retaining Wall 

We work in partnership with Allan Block, to provide the construction sector with industry-leading block retaining wall technology. 

The Allan Block Retaining Wall collection does not require mortar or footings for construction, it is easily assembled using the innovative dry-stack method. This collection also promotes better drainage with the hollow core design, making it an ideal building material for outdoor construction. 

We supply the Allan Block Retaining Wall to both commercial and residential customers. It is available in five different colour options, and is suitable for both landscape and structural construction. 

Colinwell Martello Stone Walling

The Colinwell Martello Stone Walling range is a collection of masonry products that provide a modern and convenient alternative to traditional stone walling. 

Property owners, constructors, etc, can add the traditional charm of a stone wall to a building’s exterior, without having to seek assistance from a specialist stonemason. This type of material is much easier to manage and install. 

The Colinwell Matertello Stone Walling range has been created using innovative technology to reconstitute quarried natural stone, we supply this collection in four different colours. It replicates traditional Irish building architecture and can be laid in a random or straight-coursed pattern.

Colinwell Architectural Masonry Products 

The Colinwell Architectural Masonry Product range has been created using innovative technology, alongside the knowledge learnt from a rich heritage of concrete manufacturing. 

Our Architectural Masonry Products are weather resistant, long-lasting, durable and robust. We provide industry-leading concrete blocks that help maintain the structural integrity of the building. 

The Colinwell collection of masonry products offers a wide variety of styles, sizes and textures. We stock twelve different shades of a smooth finish and sixteen different shades of a split-face finish. The design options are endless, allowing you to obtain a masonry product that compliments the architectural style. 

Colinwell Acoustic Masonry 

With the Colinwell Acoustic Masonry product range, a building can be designed with an inherent ability to manage noise.

Our range of acoustic masonry products helps to manage noise pollution and sound reverberation in the building’s construction. We have a line of quality masonry blocks that can absorb and amplify sound, and redirect noise. 

We have provided this range of Colinwell masonry products to schools, sports centres, music halls, etc, in order to minimise noise pollution and prevent disruption to the surrounding environment. 

Our Portfolio

This Portfolio displays images of just some of the many projects to which we have supplied our products over the years, giving you an idea of the potential of what can be achieved with our masonry product range.

We are proud to have supplied concrete products and block retaining walls to some of the most prestigious building construction projects across the U.K. If you would like some more information on any particular project or product please let us know, by getting in contact

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Our Locations

We have offices based in Belfast, Leeds and Glasgow, allowing us to provide an efficient service across the whole of the U.K and Ireland.

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FAQs about our masonry products

Check out our answers to our frequently asked questions below, if you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to get in contact with us and we will be happy to help.

How long will delivery take?

The distribution and supply of our masonry product range come directly from us at Colinwell. We aim to start the delivery process approximately three weeks post receipt of a written order and confirmation of an agreed programme.

How should I handle the masonry products post-delivery? 

We recommended some tips for the safe handling of these products, in order to ensure product quality and handler safety. 

  • Blocks should be moved into a laying position.
  • Blocks should be protected from rain and dirt when being stored.
  • Blocks should be placed on pallets and managed with a forklift.

In some cases, we may be able to provide pallets for transportation, however, this is not a standardised process. 

Do I need to finish the Colinwell masonry products?

Our range of masonry products does not require any kind of surface treatment once they have been constructed. They may be subject to occasional washing if desired, but this is not a requirement.

Are Colinwell masonry products CE certified? 

All Colinwell Masonry Blocks are CE Marked. This demonstrates that they comply with EU Legislation and adhere to the European Union Health, Safety and Environmental requirements.

Can I see the product colours before I purchase?

We can provide a sample box upon request, allowing you to see a collection of masonry products in different finishes, textures and colours. 


At Colinwell we have achieved multiple accolades through the company's pursuit of customer service, manufacturing and environmental excellence. 

We are striving towards our goal of building a better and more sustainable future that protects generations to come. We have curated a culture that values responsible practices that protect the environment.

Colinwell: Innovative technology in masonry products and block retaining walls

At Colinwell, we have pursued innovative technology on our mission to manufacture the highest quality of concrete construction materials. When you source supplies from us, you know that you’re getting service from a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer. 

From modern stone walling, to acoustic design, we supply a full array of industry leading masonry products and block retaining walls. Get in contact with us at Colinwell to find out more about building your construction project with innovative technology in mind. 


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