Coilnwell manufactures a range of innovative masonry blocks that can be used within acoustic construction. They have risen in popularity and become a popular choice within the construction industry. This range has been designed to offer an attractive and robust method for reducing sound reverberation. As a business with over 130 years of accumulated history in masonry construction, we consistently preempt industry changes and ensure we are prepared to meet them. We strive to remain in keeping with consumer demand and acoustic construction is the next step in achieving that goal.

Who can benefit from acoustic construction?

Acoustic masonry products are becoming increasingly popular within both the residential and commercial sectors. Homeowners want to minimise their noise levels so as to not disrupt their neighbours and commercial builds are cautious of their responsibility to minimise noise pollution. Community centres, sports facilities, music venues, concert halls, etc. will particularly benefit from investing in acoustic construction.

Acoustic brick

Our range of acoustic brick is manufactured with an innovative design to reduce noise and absorb sound. This is a modern solution that is inspired by traditional methods for redirecting noise. All of our acoustic brick is made with high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting.

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