Project Description

When it came to developing the 18,000 seated capacity National Football Stadium a few challenges were immediately evident. In addition to a number of changes in level which required the construction of a number of Allan Block Gravity Retaining Walls, a larger retaining wall was also required to accommodate the replacement of the South Stand a retaining wall would need to be constructed.

This retaining wall was to be 120 metres long, 2 metres in height and would be required to support the level behind the southern boundary.  However, as the wall was to be located on the boundary line it meant there would be insufficient room to place geogrid reinforcement to provide structural stability.

Task with designing and installing the wall were Retain Solutions Ltd, Retain’s engineers were able to design the wall as a mass gravity structure using “no fines” concrete to accommodate the insufficient depth behind the wall, and thus successfully construct the wall, and allow the Southern Stand of the Stadium to be completed.

The block that was used was the AB Classic (6 degree batter) Allan Block in the Pewter colour.

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Colours Used


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