30 August 2023

The Allan Block product range offers a versatile solution for designing and constructing retaining walls that meet specific engineering and site requirements. These walls are not only easy to build but also provide a perfect combination of performance, texture, color, quality, and lasting value.

Constructing walls with the Allan Block mortarless system is simple and straightforward. For walls up to 1.2m in height, the blocks alone can be used to create a basic Gravity wall. If you need taller walls, consider reinforcing them with Geogrid, No-Fines Concrete, or building a Double-Width Gravity wall.

Manufactured to meet the standards set by BBA & NSAI, the Allan Block Collection, produced in partnership with Allan Block, a leader in segmental retaining wall block technology, can be expected have a lifespan of at least 120 years.

Our AB Lifting Tools are designed specifically for handling the Allan Block Vertical, Stones & Classic Blocks to provide a convenient and efficient way to safely handle our blocks on sites where mechanical lifting tools may not be practical or readily available.

For more information or to purchase a set please give us a call on 028 9061 8145 or send us an email at info@colinwell.com

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