22 October 2018

Colinwell are currently supplying their Fair Face Paint Grade Masonry Blocks to the £55m redevelopment of Windsor House, from what was a landmark office block in Belfast City Centre to the new Grand Central Hotel, Belfast.

When completed, the Grand Central Hotel will offer 300 luxury bedrooms, a restaurant, bistro, rooftop lounge, retail units and a range of superbly appointed offices.

Having previous experience of supply a large number of similar projects in the UK and Ireland, Colinwell Masonry was an obvious choice.

Colinwell’s Fair Face Paint Grade Masonry Blocks were chosen for use on this redevelopment as they offered an economical, fire and noise resistant walling unit with a load bearing capacity.

The blocks themselves are ideal for use on internal leaves of a cavity construction or for external cavity wall leaves when painted with a masonry paint.

Additionally, they can used for partition walls or as a backup curtain walling on buildings from domestic to commercial.

By supplying the Grand Central Hotel, Colinwell continues its proud tradition of supply its blocks to much of Belfast’s modern built environment.

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