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Colinwell is a family run business that has perfected the method of manufacturing masonry products for over 130 years. This rich heritage and knowledge of concrete product creation, combined with a modern approach to design, has led to Colinwell producing industry leading masonry products that dominate the construction industry. We are recognised across the U.K. and Ireland for our incredible range of quality concrete products, which have been instrumental in the construction of private buildings, places of education, cultural landmarks, community spaces and residential projects. You can keep up to date with the latest construction projects using our range of masonry products by following our socials on; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Building on the tradition of manufacturing masonry products since the 1880s.

In the 1880s John McQuillan discovered a deposit of limestone on his small farm at Colinwell, so named because of the spring well which rises at our site on Colin Mountain. 

In 1888 he built kilns and began to process the quarried limestone by burning it with coal to form calcium oxide, a widely used fertiliser and mortar ingredient of the time. 

In the years that followed his sons and grandson began quarrying the basalt stone, which also lay in the area, to produce aggregates for road construction etc, for the manufacture of masonry products.

Today Colinwell is owned and managed by Phelim and Donal McQuillan, great grandsons of our founder, who continue the family tradition of manufacturing quality construction products while remaining innovative and flexible to customer and market needs.

The company has been producing the finest quality concrete products for over 130 years. From traditional architectural masonry to lightweight and decorative concrete blocks, Colinwell offers an extensive range of concrete products to homeowners and the construction industry throughout the UK and Ireland.

Colinwell's product portfolio includes concrete blocks, thermal insulation blocks, acoustic blocks for sound insulation/reduction, Martello stone walling, Allan Block retaining wall systems and facing bricks. 

Our portfolio showcases the true potential of our masonry products, giving you an idea of what you can accomplish for your upcoming construction project. All of our materials are made to the highest of standards and delivered throughout Ireland and the UK.

Colinwell employs a large workforce at its manufacturing plant on the outskirts of Belfast, Northern Ireland and is considered to be one of the leading architectural masonry manufacturers in the UK. 

With a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the masonry industry, Colinwell continues to maintain the family tradition of manufacturing high-quality construction and all types of concrete walling and masonry products. 

Wherever possible, we strive to improve our practices, creating a responsible business that works towards a better future. We are proud of the accreditations we have obtained so far as they represent the quality you can expect from Colinwell. 

 For more information on concrete blocks, acoustic sound insulation/reduction, retaining wall systems or any other products available from Colinwell, please call 028 9061 8145 or email 

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