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Colinwell, a part of the RTU Group, has refined the craft of manufacturing masonry products for over 130 years. Grounded in a rich heritage and expertise in concrete product manufacturing, coupled with a contemporary design ethos, Colinwell stands at the forefront of the construction sector. Renowned across the UK and Ireland, our extensive range of superior concrete products has made a lasting impact on various construction projects, spanning educational institutions, cultural landmarks, community spaces, and residential developments.

Building on the tradition of manufacturing masonry products since the 1880s.

Originating in the 1880s when John McQuillan discovered a limestone deposit on his farm at Colinwell, the company's journey began. This discovery led to the establishment of kilns to process the limestone. Over time, we diversified into quarrying basalt stone, expanding our product range to include aggregates for road construction and eventually a range of masonry products.

With a century-long legacy, Colinwell has earned a reputation for delivering premium-quality concrete products. Our diverse product portfolio now encompasses Architectural Masonry Blocks, Acoustic Masonry Blocks, Paint Grade Blocks, Martello Stone Walling and Allan Block Retaining Wall Systems. All our materials adhere to rigorous quality standards and are distributed throughout Ireland and the UK.

Situated on the outskirts of Belfast, Northern Ireland, Colinwell prides itself on a substantial workforce and recognition as one of the leading concrete product manufacturers in the UK. Committed to excellence and sustainability, we continually strive to improve our practices, fostering responsible business operations that contribute to a brighter future. Our numerous accreditations underscore the quality synonymous with Colinwell.

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